Upgrade your Control Part 1 By: Obed Serrano

As everyone knows I just love playing Control. Control is a bit like playing Chess, only true masterminds can actually endure playing it and master it to the max. This blog will focus not only on Control decks because as I believe Control is an aspect of the game. As Flores used to say Who is the beatdown, I have no problem with that theory but there are so many decks that don’t rely on attacking to win or being the aggressor that I find it an old theory but respectable at least. Control is the aspect of the game where you have the advantage on board or even mentally on the opponent. An aggro player establishes control as he swings while keeping blockers away and having a perfect or accurate mana curve. A combo player establishes Control by going off or preventing opponents to disrupt them, the only difference is that they establish Control in the end game. A control deck establishes control as soon as he has a board advantage and hand advantage over its opponent. Maybe the field is empty but he still has 5-6 cards compared to his opponents 1 or zero.

This is what I think of Control. In this blog series I will focus on Control decks and some other decks that focus on controlling son aspect of the game. Sometimes I will just chit chat about mental aspect of the game, while others I’ll have decklists and theory.



~ by MTG Zone PR on 10/11/2009.

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